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     By far, my most popular pattern collection, each of these nine album blocks feature a different folk art motif. Another part of it's charm is the setting. The paisley, I used in the outer border, inspired the color choices made for my quilt and the inner frame with it's reverse applique design. One of these days, I'm going to get around to quilting it!
      Creating symmetry with the layout, while having a few asymmetrical blocks and keeping the "weight" of the blocks consistent was one of the things I wanted to accomplish with this quilt design. At the same time, I wanted to incorporate at least four urns and the "planted in the ground" look that is in the center block. You will recognize many of the motifs, such as the tulips, pomegranates and other flowers and leaves as typical stylized items from crewel designs, Pennsylvania Dutch, and what I call antique "Red and Green" quilt motifs.

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Red and Green Folk Art by Jeni Buechel
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