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     And maybe the most essential new addition! Don’t forget to signing up for the Ornamental Applique email Newsletter..... This online newsletter will start out bimonthly and keep you up to date on all the new pattern releases and web site additions, as well as, the ever changing travel schedule in case you get a chance to come and visit the show booth or are looking for the opportunity to take a class. In a few months, it will also have a special free Block of the Month pattern, online, for subscribers. Check out the link to the Online Newsletter page to let me know that you need to receive it!

  Link to Charmingly Rosey by Jeni Buechel   
Charmingly Rosey

     As always, I am stitching furiously when I am away from the laptop, creating new applique designs and generally reeking havoc on my workroom. I have found that there is always a new piece of fabric, somewhere in a quilt shop, just begging to become a new "fabric frame" inspiration. Thus, the walls become littered with samples of new designs and fabric combinations.
     So, go ahead and lurk around the site and check out all the changes... I will appreciate any feedback, just be gentle- it's in progress and you may hurt my feelings after being buried under a stack of quite thick computer manuals, (full of terms like "CSS sheets" and "jscript"), just trying to figure out how to accomplish this task.

     Thanks for visiting!

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